Accelerate your ambition is a digital media platform that helps young Ugandans get ahead in their career through various initiatives. We believe that ambition can be nurtured and we hope to inspire young Ugandans to push for bigger and greater things in their lives. Therefore, we create content, which is not only informative but also actionable.


We provide inspiration through the stories of real Ugandans succeeding in their respective industries while also highlighting the information and resources needed to achieve that success. Our goal is to empower young Ugandans/Africans to go after their goals while providing them with the resources they need to overcome their challenges.


The resources we make available to young Ugandans can potentially put them in a position to better strategize and visualize their life and career options. They include:

Blog posts

Our content includes educative blog articles, case studies, and features to help our audience with their career challenges. The blog articles include worksheets and tool kits so that advice can be immediately put into practice.


We also feature interviews with inspirational executives, entrepreneurs, industry leaders who are leaders in their fields. We hope that these will allow our audience to relate with them and understand their own inspiration and motivation. The professionals we feature on site show that young Ugandans can create their own paths in whatever field they want wherever they want.


We also have a directory featuring career organizations across the nation. Each listing features a short profile of the organization along with vital information including website and address. We hope that our audience will connect with local organizations/clubs to increase mentorship and empowerment.

Terms and Conditions

We have terms and conditions that govern the use of this website. Please check these out here.




Hello There! I am Gloria, the brains behind this website.  My belief is that you are awesome so I create articles, videos, work books, and other resources that help you create your own opportunities and develop careers that you are in love with(pssst…I am on the journey myself).

I went to school and studied Accounting+finance at some point in my life. You can check out my full LinkedIn profile here. I have also published a few things for She Leads Africa. I played soccer competitively in my old life (can you believe that?). Don’t get so excited because I did not win any prizes. I am based in Kampala, Uganda. In my free time, I obsess about the meaning of life and love to read lots of non fiction. Want to get in touch? Send me an email at info@accelerateyourambition.org.


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