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Charles Ocici: A Lesson On Self Drive

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I recently attended a talk with Charles Ocici, the executive director of Enterprise Uganda on how to develop self drive. The talk touched on a wide variety of topics ranging from how to be successful as an entrepreneur and an employee. He also talked about how to prepare for retirement and build financial independence. Much as the talk was filled with lots of humor (I could easily listen to Charles Ocici all day), I must say that some of the points hit hard.

Do something for what you become not what you get paid for

It is easy to complain about how low paying your job is. However, success starts when you stop thinking about the money. In fact, your aim in every job you do should be to deliver more value than what you are paid for. With this shift in mindset, you will focus on the person you will become. You will develop discipline and a strong work ethic to grow as an individual. So, seek out personal meaning in what you do. The money will surely come. There are no dead ends when you are doing a good job.

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Take 100% responsibility

Anything that happens to you is your fault. Knowing this is power. Do not surrender your independence to excuses. There are 3cs that can take you down in any situation. They are: criticizing, condemning and complaining.  Avoid them like the plague. Take responsibility for your actions in every situation. When things go wrong, learn from feedback so that you can improve yourself.

Be known for something of quality

Differentiate yourself from the pack. Whether this is through time keeping, work ethic, optimism etc.  It’s not enough to do the bare minimum. Aim to go ahead of the pack. Give more value than you get. Be solid enough for the world. Get out of your bubble and understand the world from other people’s perspectives.

Qualify for your job daily

It is easy to rest on your laurels. Successful people are hardly satisfied with past successes. They aim at qualifying and exceeding expectations for their current job on a daily basis. Consequently, successful people don’t concentrate on job titles. Refuse to be an average employee. Be warm and behave like the owner of the company that you work for.

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Financial independence

Do not be so ambitious beyond your means.” It is better to start from small beginnings so that you build a strong foundation for your future. For example, don’t take your children to an expensive nursery school. Instead, take them to a manageable school and when your (financial) foundation is set, you can take them to a better primary or secondary school. It will be much easier for them to handle than if they go to a very expensive school and then you suddenly can’t afford the fees and they have to go to a worse school.


We are all headed for a time of retirement where you will be responsible for managing your time and earning an income on your own. Your retirement will be almost as long as your working life (25-30 years).  How are you preparing? Most probably, you will run your own small business. Your current job should set the foundation for you to learn self drive, perseverance, work ethics, so that you will be able to survive your retirement.

Take action

Nothing will come to fruition unless you act.  Start a  “three actions a day” formula for  the person you want to be. What actions will take today to achieve your goals?

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