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Common Career Fears And How To Deal With Them


No matter what level you are at in your career, everyone experiences career fears at some point. Perhaps you feel you will never be good enough or you feel that you don’t have the experience you need to get ahead. When you let your career fears rule over your life, it is easy to spiral into low self esteem mode. It is also not possible to enjoy your career in the way you are supposed to. Career Fears can get in the way of your aspirations. Read on to find out the common career fears and how to deal with them.

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Impostor syndrome, the feeling that you are just masquerading in your  job (and you will soon be discovered by everyone) is real. Even highly qualified and experienced professionals are prone to feeling that their expertise is lacking.  Unfortunately, your confidence in your capabilities will speak into how you relate with your co-workers and the quality of your work. People around you will be able to read into your feelings of self doubt and this will hinder your ability to grow your career.

Tip: First, realize that your employer hired you because they thought you could add some value. Focus on how you can add that value. Confidently. If you are genuinely lacking in some particular skill set, all you need to do is ask.Invest in your personal development and utilize your employers development programs. If a certain knowledge set is valuable in your field, put in the effort and time to learn it. Build your confidence on a daily basis.


As you move along in your career, you might feel that your salary is growing at a much slower pace compared to your responsibilities and expenses. In a bid to gain practical work experience, you might find yourself working for free.  Being broke is an uncomfortable feeling and can even interfere with your performance at work. A job that can not pay for transport or meals is unsustainable in the long run.


Look for ways to manage your money by tracking your expenses. Have a budget in place. Save and generally have some sort of financial plan in place. Your future self will thank you for being more prudent with your finances when you were younger. If you are struggling to make ends meet even with wise money management, it might be time for you to look for another job or negotiate for a better salary. If you value your job and are not in position to leave immediately, you could experiment with a side hustle to earn you some money on the side. Nonetheless, making money  can’t be your only career goal. Getting practical work experience should be a priority especially when you are just starting your career.


There’s a lot to balance…work, social life, books, etc. There’s a fear that you are not putting your best years to use in your current job. That Instead of dedicating time to important things, you are spending time on useless things. At the end of the day, your to-do list remains just that, a to-do list. Another very common career fear is that you are wasting time doing repetitive tasks that are not adding value to your skill set.


Make use of productivity hacks so that you can make more use of your time. Pay attention to time wasted on social media and TV. With a little time management, you can take charge of your schedule and use your time more effectively. To deal with the career fear of wasting time on mundane tasks, remember that it is the small boring tasks that help you achieve the seemingly big things. So, do the repetitive tasks. Consistently. That’s how you develop grit and set yourself up for the big things.

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Whether you are starting your business or climbing the corporate ladder, getting ahead in your career is not an easy endeavor. It is easy to feel like it is just for a few special individuals. You excluded. Perhaps you got passed over for that promotion or you just can’t seem to get your business off the ground. It’s easy to compare your career journey  to what others are doing. This will only aggravate your career fears and won’t help you get ahead.

Tip: To deal with the career fear of whether you will ever get ahead, get in touch with like minded individuals. Read books/blogs so that you can learn from what others have done to achieve the results you want so that you can also put in the work. You could also identify a mentor/coach you can work with. Channel that career FOMO in a positive way. Sometimes, all you need to do is set career goals for yourself and celebrate each milestone no matter how small.

What are your career fears and how are you dealing with them?




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