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How A Global Mindset Can Advance Your Career

Having a global mindset is considered one of the most important skills of successful leaders today. According to the Financial times, a global mindset is one that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures.

More than ever, Ugandan professionals cannot afford to ignore how changes on the global scene affect their work. Whether through the changing technological advances or even global politics. Besides that, organizations that choose to ignore how they fit into the wider world community do so at their own peril. As a result, you as an individual cannot afford to ignore global issues.

So, how do does one go about developing a global mindset? First of all, you have to see yourself first as a global citizen. Being a global citizen involves perceiving oneself as being part of a wider community. In addition you need to recognize the part that you can play as an individual. You don’t necessarily have to be well traveled. Read on to see how you can become more globally aware.


The perfect global mindset develops through a deeper understanding of oneself. Knowing your prejudices, beliefs, values, biases, culture and personality all play a part in this. By acknowledging what you are and how you fit into the world then you will be able to see how you fit in the global community.

The goal is not to lose oneself at the expense of going global. Most important, embrace your background while also acknowledging and respecting other people’s belief system.

What Gets Your Blood Boiling?

Everyone cares about something. It is just that some people are more aware of what social issues concern them. If you have a hard time deciding what it is you care about, you can do the following:

First, Carry out some research by reading extensively, follow organizations that you respect on social media. Find out what the world is talking about. You might find that there is a particular topic that makes you want to comment. Capitalize on this topic.

Second, find out how this topic is affecting the different parts of the world and your local scene. Questions you can ask include: Is it a major problem? How are other companies and countries dealing with it and how successful have they been in combating that particular issue?

Third, How can you contribute? Your contribution does not have to be monetary. Sometimes all you need to do is speak up…through a blog for example.

The goal here is to develop a greater understanding of the world’s social issues and find solutions to them

Educate yourself

All people with global mindsets are avid readers. Learn about issues on a global scale and read about how other people became global leaders.

Besides that, you have got to develop your critical thinking skills. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this from a classroom. It is something that needs to be nurtured with a little patience and determination.

Do not limit your network

To be global, you must connect globally. Fortunately, Social media has made it easy to connect to global influencers. You can connect to anyone no matter their position or location on linkedln or twitter.

Connecting and engaging on a global platform is the best way to understand other people’s cultures and belief systems. A global mindset is blind to political borders and instead sees them as an opportunity to learn and innovate. Therefore, use your social network to learn about the global community.


What are you going to do with all the momentum you have picked up? Action! Decide on how you want to make a difference. For example If you want to grow the number of people with tech skills in your country  and you would have to take some sort of initiative. You would start off by deciding how you want your goal to be achieved. This could involve brainstorming on the ways you can teach people how tech skills. Will you go out there and teach children to code or will you develop an app for young adults to teach code?

If there is no such thing in your community, you could read about how other countries are pursuing that mission so that you assess whether their actions can be replicated in your community. Then, you would consolidate your ideas into a format that you can easily adopt to your local situation. Consequently, understanding that you can make an impact on the world, is critical to developing global mindset.

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