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In an increasingly digital world, the way people access information has significantly changed. There has been a growth in digital media that shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, some influencers have asserted that every company is a media company. That in addition to the product or service they provide, every company should use the platforms available to distribute content that benefits their brand. This implies that companies will have to allocate bigger budgets to help them engage with customers online. This is good news for anyone who wants to work in the digital marketing field.

If helping companies amplify their messages online sounds like fun, then you might consider digital marketing a feasible career. Find out how to get started in this field whether you want to work independently or for a reputed company.

Educate yourself

Digital marketing requires a good understanding  of audience behavior and data driven strategies to drive marketing campaigns. Read everything you can. Learn the lingo. Find websites such as Mashable, Social Media Today, Adweek, Hubspot and other resources that are focused on the area. Successful digital media campaigns require competence across a plethora of media from video, audio, email, social posts, community forums. Since it’s a growing field, you will need to invest time to keep yourself abreast with new developments and trends.


Whether it is writing compelling social media blog posts or blogs that engage, a digital marketer should know how to write persuasively so that people can take the action you want to take (Ex) buy your product, sign up for free trials, or share. The best way to improve your writing skills is simply just write. Also, get on email lists of successful high earning bloggers and see how they write engaging content that helps them make online sales. One such blogger who immediately comes to mind is Ramit Sethi. Study how they connect with their communicate and connect with their customers prior to securing a sale.

Develop your brand

As a digital marketer, you will be paid to catapult brands to the top. But how will you do that if you are not able to make your own personal brand stand out? Will potential clients/employers look at the your digital brand and be inspired to work with you? You need to sell yourself as the go to person on all things digital marketing. Develop a strong portfolio to showcase to potential clients or employers. Grow your social media accounts and get known for sharing or curating great credible content on the topic.

Get Comfortable with numbers

Digital marketing involves helping a business review online data on how it makes connections with customers.  It’s not just about growing your number of social media followers. You will need an understanding of demographics- how people use or arrive at a site, how they engage, the times they are most likely to visit, and so many other things. Companies that carry out digital marketing analytics are more likely to be successful. So, you have to get comfortable working with numbers.


Test what works and what doesn’t work, ask questions and derive your own to which you need to stick to. It’s not enough to just read about things without putting them into practice. Since it’s a new and evolving field, nothing is cast in stone. If you don’t know something, admit it and go do some research. Start a blog or have a mini website. Take on personal projects. Apply the theory. Put yourself in a position to help other businesses, friends, bloggers with their digital marketing for a small fee as a way to quickly grow your skills.

With the right strategy, any one can kick start a successful digital marketing career. It is a wide field. Pick what you want to specialize in and have a go at it. More over, this is a field that can give you an opportunity to work as a freelancer.

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