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How To Position Yourself For Your Dream Job

Have you ever thought about your dream job? Does it even exist? Perhaps you have even made lists. I know I have. Right from high school. However, figuring out your dream career is not exactly an easy exercise. Perhaps it’s even a bigger challenge than landing your dream job which is actually easier after you have figured out what your passion is.

If you are having challenges figuring out what your dream job is, look for job descriptions for jobs in your target field. Target jobs that you don’t quite qualify for. These could be jobs that are about 5-10 years above your current level. Job descriptions are readily available in job postings. From these job descriptions, narrow down to about 2 to 5 and compare the requirements of the job to your current skill set. This comparison will give you an idea of what to look out for in your next jobs to land your dream job.


What skills are needed in order for you to get your dream job? Take the initiative to teach yourself those skills. It could be soft skills like leadership skills or specialised skills like financial modelling. Do not wait for some one to teach you those public speaking skills. Practice makes perfect they say. Volunteer to give speeches at a local church or other community organisation. There are lots of free online learning platforms that you can take advantage of do develop your skill at anything.


If you cannot find an opportunity to gain experience in your desired field, you could also consider taking up an unpaid internship in your desired field. If the thought of starting over again in a new field does not excite, there are ways to skip the boring entry level positions.


If your dream job requires a masters or doctorate degree, you should consider what steps you need to make to get there. It might also need additional certification or a very specialised course. Consider continuing your education to align your qualifications to your dream job.


The importance of knowing professionals in the field or position you covet is invaluable. You could also arrange for an informational interview with someone who has your dream job to make sure that what you have is not just FOMO (fear of missing out). Also attend industry events to meet inspiring professionals. It’s much easier to connect with people than ever before. It’s unlikely that you will meet very senior professionals at networking events. Find people you admire on linkedln or twitter and follow them.

For every new job you take on, you will be ticking off your target skill set against your dream job. You will not be taking on jobs for just the money or because you failed to get along with your team members. You do not have to wait for when you have achieved everything 100% on your desired skill set. Challenge yourself. Apply for jobs that you feel are out of your league and do a good job at marketing yourself for your dream role.

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